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About Us

Specialists on International Rules & Regulations on Training, Packing,
Storage & Transport of Dangerous Goods.

Dangerous Goods Specialists Ltd. provides clients with services related to the Safe and Secure Transport of Dangerous Goods.
We provide services related to Dangerous Goods Training by All Modes of Transports i.e. Air, Sea, Road, Rail etc.,
Dangerous Goods Packing Solutions, On-site Packing, Chemical Packing, Export Packing and Others.  With the ever changing and complexed International/National Rules and Regulations on the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, Sea, Road, Rail etc. Our Mission is to serve the Region, with the necessary expertise, as require by International Regulations and Standards, namely ICAO, IATA, IMO/IMDG, ADR, RID, ADN etc.
Dangerous Goods Specialists Ltd. is a fully owned Kenyan Company whose Director's have been in the Logistics Sector for a
Combined 30 years in East and Central African Region.